Month: July 2017

How to move iTunes library to new computer?

When you buy a new computer, you can transfer iTunes library to the new computer so that you can play your media and sync with the computer. The procedure on how to move iTunes library to a new computer is given below. Before you begin with the process of moving the iTunes library to the

iPhone 6S Plus Fantasy Character Covers

You know what are the best kind of covers for your iPhone? They are the ones that have our favourite fantasy characters. These cases are a personal favourite for everyone and therefore they are a great choice for presents either for birthdays or for any other occasions. The iPhone cases are available in a plethora

5 Great Websites Where You Can Play Fantasy Sports

Assembling imaginary or simulated teams made up of real professional athletes is the goal of any fantasy sports game. The performance of an individual player in the real game is tracked and converted into points that are cached and summed up according to a list selected by each fantasy team’s manager. Nowadays, the points are