iPhone 6S Plus Minion Soft Cases


You know which animated characters are the most popular out of all? They are minions. After the release of Despicable Me series, the entire world fell in love with them. They are cute, adorable and naughty and their fan following kept increasing and now they have become a global sensation.

People are so madly in love with minions that in no time at all, there were minion goodies available almost everywhere. There were soft toys, backpacks, key chains, figurines and many other merchandises for the minion lovers.

But amongst all these merchandises, the cases for phones with minions on it became super popular. For the minion lovers who have iPhone, there were several minion cases available. Soft cases are certainly the best because they do not break if you drop on your phone on the ground or hit a hard surface.

So here are some really cool minion soft cases for iPhone 6S Plus.